Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage is a holistic therapy that works on the mind, body and spirit. The process is a great stress reliever, bringing relief from the many symptoms.


It concentrates on the muscles of the upper back, neck, head, shoulders and face. Working areas of stressed, tense muscles using different massage techniques.


As it is a seated massage Indian head can be applied almost anywhere and is widely used in the workplace to relieve upper back pain and other office work related problems.


India Head Massage

Indian Head massage actually started in the Ayurvedic system of medicine. It features in Ayurvedic texts that date back nearly 4000 years. It developed in the Himalayan region of India by Indian holy men that were experts in their respective fields of herbal medicine, exercise, anatomy and physiology and psychology. Ayurveda is a truly holistic therapy that aims to balance physical, mental and spiritual health.


The philosophy underlying Ayurveda is the belief that health is the result of harmony within. There must be harmony in our thoughts, our action and in our feelings in order for us to be healthy. Disease is actually considered to be a positive sign because it reveals something that needs to be healed.


In India, massage has always been important in Ayurvedic medicine. Massage directly benefits all the systems, stimulating them to work more efficiently. It also calms and relaxes the mind and releases tensions and emotions in the body that have become trapped and as a consequence are causing pain and sometimes disease.


Massage is a part of Indian daily life and has been for thousands of years. They believe that a daily massage helps to rejuvenate the body. Indians are massaged from the day they are born to their death. Babies are massaged daily for the first three years of their life. They then learn the techniques by working on their grandparents. This tradition is still very much alive in Indian villages today.



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